Fw: Re: [Mono-list] SYS_sigaction and NetBSD

Scott Aaron Bamford sab@zeekuschrist.com
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 12:33:04 +0000

SYS_sigaction is avalible in NetBSD, but it is not exported to the userland (ie. it is used only within the kernel), I hardcoded the value of it into the and it worked, I never got round to fixing it up properly.

NetBSD-current now has native pthreads and semephor.h, so a number of the changes I still haven't cleaned up and submited are now no-ops for NetBSD, does anyone know of another OS without native pthreads and semephor.h that its worth applying a patch to use pth and switch semephor calls to pthread_mutex's or should I consider this unessasry now (NOTE that the native threads will not be in 1.6.x of NetBSD as its been put into the non-1.6 branch iirc, so it may be worth patching anyway?).
	- Scott

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 22:40:41 +0100
Marc Recht <marc@informatik.uni-bremen.de> wrote:

> Hi!
> SYS_sigaction isn't avaiable on NetBSD and this breakes compilation in 
> jit.c. The attached patch fixes that.
> Regards,
> Marc
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