[Mono-list] Re: wx.NET 0.0.1 available

Julian Smart julian.smart@btopenworld.com
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:12:15 +0000

At 15:24 23/01/2003 -0500, J. Perkins wrote:
>I am cross-posting this to the Mono and wxUsers lists, since both
>communities may be interested. I'd suggest that follow-ups be directed
>to the Mono list.
>I have taken a small step toward creating a .NET wrapper for wxWindows,
>and now have a C# version of the wxWindows "minimal" sample. You can get
>the sources from http://www.379.com/wxnet/. I tried it on W2K/.NET and

Interesting indeed! I've been thinking about .NET/Mono recently
and wondering where wxWindows could fit in. So progress on this
front is great.

>For this initial step, I was trying to figure out a) how to start a
>wxApp from an "external" source, b) how to overload C++ virtual
>functions in C#, and c) how to receive wxEvents in C#. I found solutions
>for all of these, but would welcome further suggestions or improvements.

I'm not sure if it would help, but wxBasic solved the wxWindows/wxBasic
integration problem by semi-automating the creation of C wrappers.


Doing it by hand might take a Long Time. wxBasic's author David Cuny
should be able advise on adapting his wrapper code.

There's also the wxPython approach using SWIG, and the other language
bindings may provide further inspiration.

>For the future, I am going to go ahead and start porting over one of my
>old wxWindows projects, filling in the blanks as I go. I will also work
>on porting some of the wx samples.


>As far as hosting the project, I'm inclined to create a new SourceForge
>project and put it all up there. However, both wxWin and Mono support a
>lot of library/language bindings, and I was wondering if there might be
>a more "standard" place to put it.

There's not really a standard place to put these things;
wxPython is in the wxWindows repository but that's just a historical
accident. Other language bindings are kept separately, usually in
their own SF projects.

Congratulation on starting this and I'm really looking forward
to seeing how it develops! I've added a link from the wxWindows
Community web page.


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