[Mono-list] wx.NET 0.0.1 available

J. Perkins jason@379.com
23 Jan 2003 15:24:24 -0500

Hello all,

I am cross-posting this to the Mono and wxUsers lists, since both
communities may be interested. I'd suggest that follow-ups be directed
to the Mono list.

I have taken a small step toward creating a .NET wrapper for wxWindows,
and now have a C# version of the wxWindows "minimal" sample. You can get
the sources from http://www.379.com/wxnet/. I tried it on W2K/.NET and

For this initial step, I was trying to figure out a) how to start a
wxApp from an "external" source, b) how to overload C++ virtual
functions in C#, and c) how to receive wxEvents in C#. I found solutions
for all of these, but would welcome further suggestions or improvements.

For the future, I am going to go ahead and start porting over one of my
old wxWindows projects, filling in the blanks as I go. I will also work
on porting some of the wx samples.

As far as hosting the project, I'm inclined to create a new SourceForge
project and put it all up there. However, both wxWin and Mono support a
lot of library/language bindings, and I was wondering if there might be
a more "standard" place to put it.

I am open to comments/ideas/suggestions on all of this. Fire away!