[Mono-list] Mono GUI tools

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Jan 2003 11:19:40 -0500


> For SQL# there are two versions that exist in mcs:
> - a console based version at mcs/tools/SqlSharp
> - a GUI version that uses GTK# at mcs/tools/SqlSharp/gui/gtk-sharp
> I have already discussed with Miguel, the GTK# version of SQL# will be moved
> to
> its own cvs module at sqlsharpgtk.

As someone else suggested on the thread maybe we should have separate
modules for all the graphical applications that should be compiled after
mcs is built.

Having multiple module helps the maintenance process because people do
not block in a single maintainer for the code release.  The disadvantage
is that it is possible for code to bit-rot, and to not be released in
sync with the rest of the system.

Another option is to have a `mono-tools' directory which uses the CVS
virtual-link facility to pull various modules at the same time.  So we
could merge all of the different pieces (sqlsharp, debugger,
type-reflector, monodoc) in a single package for distribution.