[Mono-list] type-reflector makefile

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 13:15:58 -0500

For SQL# there are two versions that exist in mcs:
- a console based version at mcs/tools/SqlSharp
- a GUI version that uses GTK# at mcs/tools/SqlSharp/gui/gtk-sharp

I have already discussed with Miguel, the GTK# version of SQL# will be moved
its own cvs module at sqlsharpgtk.

The console based version of SQL# will remain in its current location.  The
class libraries in mcs include database funtionality at System.Data.  SQL#
is a tool that helps the user know they can connect to their database and
enter queries.  This is just like unixODBC including isql to make sure you
can connect to your database via ODBC and enter queries.

monodoc, xsp, and debugger are already in their own cvs module.

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To correct one of your arguments...  The only tool I'm aware of that
*requires* Gtk# is SqlSharp.  All of the other tools are console-based
programs, or make the GUI optional (type-reflector does this).

Additionally, while they're not parts of the compiler or the class
library, they help with the creation of the class library.
EnumCheck.exe, GenerateDelegate.exe, and monostyle.exe could be directly
used by most developers of the class library (to check enumeration
constants, create a delegate declaration based on .NET, and ensure that
the coding standard is followed).

Type Reflector isn't as helpful as the above mentioned programs, so I
can see your point for this.

A monotools module is an interesting idea, none-the-less.  I'm sure
there are a number of programs that people would like to keep in mono
CVS that would be of general interest by the community, which don't
logically belong in mcs/tools.  I would certainly second this

 - Jon

On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 04:13, Jaroslaw Kowalski wrote:
> BTW. Do you really think that type-reflector, SqlSharp, nunit etc. should
> there in "mcs/" directory?
> Two arguments against it:
> - They aren't parts of the compiler nor the class library
> - They seem to be dependent on "gtk-sharp", which is simply not available
> the time of "mcs/" compilation. So we have a chicken & egg problem.
> Would it be possible to create a separate CVS module (monotools???) and
> the tools (maybe also monodoc, debugger, xsp, etc.) there?
> We would have the following build procedure:
> - build mcs and mono
> - install mcs and mono
> - (optional) build and install gtk-sharp
> - (optional) build and install tools
> Jarek
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> > JP,
> >
> > When I do 'make' in mcs/tools/type-reflector it tries to build three
> times.
> > The first and second times it fails with errors and the third time it
> seems
> > to succeed.  On top of that, if I run make again it does the same thing
> all
> > over again even though no sources were changed.
> >
> > I'd try to fix it myself, but makefile.core kinda scared me once I got
> > there :)
> >
> > Nick D.
> >
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