[Mono-list] Moving from .NET to Mono on Linux

Ramakrishnan sridharan Ramakrishnan sridharan" <hairamki@rediffmail.com
12 Jan 2003 10:32:15 -0000

Dear all,

We are considering to move our branch servers running on 
2000/NT with a couple of .NET applications namely in VB.NET and
aspx pages to mono platform on linux

I have the following questions for you :
1. Is the mono platform robust and flexible enough as MS .NET ?
2. Can You send me a cost/benefit analysis for the same ?
3. Are there any case studies or live implementation details 
    ou can share with me  ?
4. Can you provide any support from your end during migration 
phase ?

Thanks an regards
Chairman-Insta tools

with luv from ramki