[Mono-list] learning C# and mono: a good book?

Nimrod nimrod.bm@optusnet.com.au
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 12:51:59 +1000

Hi All, 

I gotta say this is a nice friendly list, that is an excellent sign for the 
project you guys are working on.

In view of the number of replies I have recieved answering this question, 
I will try to put together a "digested version" of your answers for any 
lurking newbies who were not prepared to ask.

What I wanted was recomendations on linux friendly books:
For Newbies to programming:

"Thinking in C#" had a few fans, for begginers and above:  

http://www.thinkingin.net/ticsharprc1.htm.  It has a downloadable but 
non-printable version.

O'Reilly publishing  "Programming in C#"

From MS publishing, Inside C# got a big rap...even for the mono platform

Teach Yourself C# in 21 days, has at least one fan
For the non-newbie, new to C#:
A Programmer's Introduction to C# by Eric Gunnerson was recomended for the 
non-newbie programmer, who might be new to C#...this looks attractive to me, 
though I don't have a heap of coding experience.

There is a nutshell book on the subject, which is probably a good description 
of what the book is likely to give...just the facts (Is this book aimed at 
the experienced programmer?).


Unpsecified level of experience:
Professional C# from http://www.wrox.com.
Check out the link.  It has a staunch believer, 
the whole book works from a text editor and command prompt...
should suit the linux minded (working on gui development software??:)).

Any way, 

I will hunt one of these down.


Matt Redding