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Andrew Stopford Astopford@beta.dabs.com
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 12:31:25 -0000


I think this kind of collabration would also be a good thing, I do agree
with Steve that we should host in a neutral place and using sourceforge
means we should be able to setup a list (thus we can avoid cross posting
to mono/dotgnu lists) for all interested parties.

As JANET is not in the dotgnu tree we are not forking the code but
rather allowing common libs to be shared across the projects. 



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On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 19:14, Jeroen Janssen wrote:
> Steve Newman wrote:
> >It turns out I got the story wrong.  Rhys Weatherley has been working
on an unrelated JScript implementation (very recently announced) that
will be part of Portable.Net.  (He didn't know about JANET, and I didn't
know about his project.)  As part of a broader effort to ensure general
compatability, Gopal is has been testing to see whether JANET runs under
Portable.Net.  But JANET will not be part of Portable.Net and it has not
been checked into the Portable.Net source tree.
> >  
> >
> Is it interesting to see if we can work together with Rhys on a
> implementation that can/will be used by both projects?

Having multiple implementations of the spec is a good thing.  This
doesn't mean they can't cooperate, or even share chunks of code, though.

- Dick

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