[Mono-list] Mcs bugs fixed (Janet)

Andrew Stopford Astopford@beta.dabs.com
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 16:31:49 -0000


As the error is occuring in Janet they only way to try and catch this is
to reduce the JS file and then add a section, compile it, if it works
add another section etc. This will give us an idea of what is causing
the problem and the likely source of the problem within Janet.

As this works ok on mcs this is going to be a Mono bug but until we know
what is causing the problem in Janet we won't know what part of Mono it
relates to.



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Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>>>I filed a bug (36321) for what I assume is a mcs bug (sample code is 
>>>present in the bugreport)
>>And another (36323) for another (also sample present).
>Martin fixed both bugs now.

Ok, after a (janet) makefile fix it now compiles & links ok under mcs 

However, now I got the following error when trying to run JCommand on 

japj@debian:~/mono/janet/janet/Test$ mono ./JCommand.exe test.js
ParseError at line 136966332, column -1073743544 (byte position
Message: expected "}"

As far as I know, the same code works ok on windows with CSC/.NET
What is the best way to determine the cause of this problem?

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