[Mono-list] Javascript and Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
06 Jan 2003 03:16:28 -0500

Hello Steve,

> A related note: I believe Gopal V (gopalv82@dotgnu.org) has just
> checked the JANET code into Portable.Net.  Since some of the next
> steps are pretty obvious (finish ECMAScript 3, add JScript.net
> support, etc.), it would be a shame to see the code forked.  I've
> never participated actively in an open-source project before, let
> alone dealt with code that was shared by two projects, so I don't know
> how to address this.  As the original author, I could try to act as a
> coordinator or moderator for the core JavaScript code.  (It might not
> make sense to share more than the core code in any case, as each
> project might have a different agenda for how the JavaScript compiler
> is to be integrated into the rest of the system.)

I think that we would like to see the JavaScript compiler/interpreter
move in the direction of being a drop-in replacement for the
compiler/interpreter that is available to Windows users using .NET

As I mentioned on the thread before (before I got to CC you), I am
interested in having the interpreter/compiler be useful to implement the
various VSA and Microsoft.JScript interfaces required to host the
interpreter in an application that wants to host it, and also to provide
CodeDOM factories for use it with ASP.NET.

This will involve things like writing a Reflection.Emit back-end (to
dynamically compile code and execute it) as well as making the
compiler/interpreter completely encapsulated and expose the hosting
interfaces from VSA.