[Mono-list] Re: mono-hackers --> mono-devel-list

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 12:45:46 +0100

On 02/01/03 Adam Treat wrote:
> I don't see why this should be about 'Adam wanting to make this happen' 
> because this concerns the entire Mono community.  Right now, mono technical 
> discussion is going on behind a closed list that is not open to all mono 
> developers.  This is a matter of openness.

Technical discussions happen where people feel confortable sending the
first mail in the thread. It doesn't matter at all if another list is
set up, there is already mono-list that has served as a wide forum. 
If somebody thinks a mail is appropriate for a
wider audience than the core mono hackers, he should send it to
mono-list until mono-devel is setup. Personally, I think there is no
pressing need for mono-devel until the aumount of non-developer
mail on mono-list makes the real developers unsubscribe from it:-)
Something that is likely to heppen in a few months, though, with the
first stable release of mono. Until that time, we'll enjoy your
technical contributions on mono-list.



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