[Mono-list] Re: mono-hackers --> mono-devel-list

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Sat, 1 Feb 2003 15:42:43 -0500

On Saturday 01 February 2003 07:37 pm, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> No.  Many other people would be subscribed to mono-devel-list, those
> sharing your same interests for example.

BTW, what is the policy for exclusion from mono-hackers?  Does this include 
mono developers who show an interest in Portable.NET or just mono developers 
who wish to make third party applications work with Portable.NET?  Is it mono 
developers who submit bug reports to DotGNU or developers who show a 
preference for a piece of Portable.NET technology over a mono technology?  
For instance, say a mono developer decided that cscc was faster than mcs and 
expressed a preference for the Portable.NET tool... would this garner 
exclusion from mono-hackers?  Is the same true for Rotor or .NET or perhaps 
other future cli environments?  What if a Ximian developer chose to improve 
or hack on a Portable.NET tool in his/her own time... would you then ban them 
from mono-hackers ... perhaps this is a Ximian policy?

AFAIK, many mono developers have participated in discussions with the 
Portable.NET folks and even some Ximian Hackers have submitted bugs and 
patches to Portable.NET.  The I18N libraries are a good example of mono using 
a Portable.NET library.