[Mono-list] My experiments with MONO and Win32 (fixes needed !)

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 17:30:49 +0200

On 08/26/03 Pierre Arnaud wrote:
> 1) In mono/libgc, the file 'configure' is missing and the build
>    script aborts. I fixed this by providing a dummy configure
>    script which does nothing.

Mono on windows can only be built with the external libgc and that
should be the default.

> 2) The Makefile produced as mono/Makefile contains a directive
>    which won't work on Cygwin (is it a typo or a feature, I do
>    not know). I replaced :
> rm ../mcs/class/lib/corlib.dll ../mcs/mcs/mcs.exe runtime/*dll runtime/*.exe
> >& /dev/null; echo
>    with :
> rm ../mcs/class/lib/corlib.dll ../mcs/mcs/mcs.exe runtime/*dll runtime/*.exe
> ; echo
>    which works fine.

Probably rm -f should use used instead of the redirection. The echo is
unneeded, too.


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