[Mono-list] Implementation of *Attribute Classes for Microsoft.VisualBasic

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
Fri, 08 Aug 2003 01:26:14 -0400


On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 10:17, Daniel Keep wrote:
> I got really bored late a night, and noticed all those missing *Attribute
> classes under the Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly, so I went and did them.
> Not spectacularly difficult or impressive, but I felt like doing something
> :P

Welcome to the Mono hacking crew! This is how *all* of us got started

> So, the contribution page didn't say to actually send them, so I suppose
> this is just to say that I've written them, I suppose.  Forgive me; I'm new
> at this.

Thanks for contributing! There's still a lot of work left to do.

> And regarding the classes, I've implemented the following:
> System.Reflection:
> AssemblyCompanyAttribute.cs
> AssemblyCopyrightAttribute.cs
> AssemblyDelaySignAttribute.cs
> AssemblyDescriptionAttribute.cs
> AssemblyKeyFileAttribute.cs
> AssemblyTitleAttribute.cs

I feel kinda bad writing this... but here it goes:

One of the first things I did for Mono was to write out all the missing
Attributes and Exceptions. I did that in the winter of 2002 (while
slacking off in my Computer Architectures class). After seeing this
mail, I did a quick locate on my machine, and I see that all those
attributes are already in CVS.

> System.Resources:
> NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute.cs
> SatelliteContractVersionAttribute.cs

Sigh, so yeah, the first thing Miguel asked me to do for Mono was to
look into implementing the System.Resources namespace. I didn't know
much about C# at the time, so these two attributes were one of the
earliest C# classes I wrote for Mono.

> System.Security:
> AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute.cs

As for this one, it looks like our main contributor for System.Security,
Sebastien, has already gotten it covered...

I feel bad because if these classes have not been already implemented,
this would be an excellent contribution to Mono. But fear not! As I
said, there is still a lot left to do.

There has been talk on mono-devel-list lately about implementing
System.ServiceProcess. This is a whole namespace that needs some
direction and some hacking love. A few people have announced their
interest in working on this namespace, and it would be awesome if you
want to work on this namespace too.

Of course, System.ServiceProcess is not the only namespace that needs
work; System.EnterpriseServices, System.Messaging, System.Management,
System.Configuration.Install are among some of the other namespaces that
are left to implement. It would be great if you could maybe help out
some of those areas too.

Thanks for contributing,