[Mono-list] Re: Implementation of *Attribute Classes for Microsoft.VisualBasic

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
08 Aug 2003 00:58:25 -0400


> I got really bored late a night, and noticed all those missing *Attribute
> classes under the Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly, so I went and did them.
> Not spectacularily difficult or impressive, but I felt like doing something
> :P
> So, the contribution page didn't say to actually send them, so I suppose
> this is just to say that I've written them, I suppose.  Forgive me; I'm new
> at this.

This is the proper location to send them.  Thanks a lot for your

> And regarding the classes, I've implemented the following:
> System.Reflection:
> AssemblyCompanyAttribute.cs
> AssemblyCopyrightAttribute.cs
> AssemblyDelaySignAttribute.cs
> AssemblyDescriptionAttribute.cs
> AssemblyKeyFileAttribute.cs
> AssemblyTitleAttribute.cs
> System.Resources:
> NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute.cs
> SatelliteContractVersionAttribute.cs
> System.Security:
> AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute.cs
> They're all 100% interface compatible with the real ones (it's pretty hard
> to write them so they're NOT), and I've checked that they all compile.
> I dunno what format you want the source in (text, zipped, gz+tar'ed), so
> email me back whoever's responsible for that assembly, and let me know.

Any of those formats work for us.

You can mail them to me and CC duncan@ximian.com