[Mono-list] Assertion in domain.c

Kris Luyten kris.luyten@luc.ac.be
07 Aug 2003 18:40:06 +0200


I keep getting the error when I try to use mcs: 
** ERROR **: file domain.c: line 435 (mono_init): assertion failed:
(mono_defaults.typed_reference_class != 0)

I installed mono from the Debian unstable packages. I think it is not a
common problem, because I did not find any other questions about this
kind of error in the mailing list archives.

At line 435 in mono/metadata/domain.c, there is an assertion : g_assert
(mono_defaults.typed_reference_class != 0);
I installed the source with Debian's apt-get source, but I can not
compile it because I suppose I first need the mcs to bootstrap the

Any ideas how to fix it? 
Kris Luyten <kris.luyten@luc.ac.be>
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