[Mono-list] Advice on Mono run-time distribution

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
01 Aug 2003 16:55:09 -0400


> I may be stuck here, but I just can't accept that.  :-)  I was hoping that
> if they could ftp the mono binaries into their account (assuming they had
> the correct binaries for the Linux distro) that they would be able to run a
> C# console app from there.  Launching it is a different problem, but I have
> a potential solution for that.  This is the most extreme case and the one
> I'm having the hardest time finding a solution for.  For these users, could
> it work this way?

They could compile on a third machine the code, using the correct
prefix.  So lets assume that they will be running on /home/guest
directory, so they have to do this on a third machine:

	./configure --prefix=/home/guest/mono
	mkdir /tmp/dist
	make install DESTDIR=/tmp/dist
	cd /tmp/dist
	tar czvf /tmp/mono-for-home-guest-deployment.tar.gz mono

Then ftp the file, untar, and set your PATH to point to
/home/guest/mono/bin, and you should be est.