[Mono-list] Advice on Mono run-time distribution

Terry thenn@sbcglobal.net
Fri, 1 Aug 2003 14:30:25 -0500

My application is to be used with Half-Life game servers.  I had previously
released a Windows version of it, but got tons of email from Linux server
ops.  Most of them rent servers from server farms and they have very limited
access to the machines.  I don't know if they have access to shell, but some
have said they *only* have FTP.  The ops start up the Half-Life server for
them, and they can only ftp config files and make settings changes through
the game's remote console.

I may be stuck here, but I just can't accept that.  :-)  I was hoping that
if they could ftp the mono binaries into their account (assuming they had
the correct binaries for the Linux distro) that they would be able to run a
C# console app from there.  Launching it is a different problem, but I have
a potential solution for that.  This is the most extreme case and the one
I'm having the hardest time finding a solution for.  For these users, could
it work this way?

When I first started this project, one person "highly recommended" I stay
away from C#.  I proceeded cautiously and continually tested on both Windows
and RedHat 8/9 and have run into *very few* problems.  I'm using TCP and UDP
sockets, multiple threads and XML serialization for configuration files.
All work perfectly under both Windows and Linux.  The work done here on the
Mono project is amazing, and the rate of progess is equally amazing.  I was
quite impressed with Mono and I even gave a presentation on my project to my


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> On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 11:02, Terry wrote:
> > Is it possible for them to get Mono up and running without being able
> > to install from an rpm or compiling the source?  For example, could
> > they just copy the mono executable into their account and be able to
> > run it from there?
> Actually, you can compile from source.
> They should get a copy of the latest version from cvs
> (http://go-mono.com/daily), or the latest release (0.25), and extract
> the files from the tarball. They can then execute:
> ./configure --prefix=/path/to/prefix
> Where /path/to/prefix is a directory where they can write to. Folders
> such as bin/ and lib/ will be made, they have the traditional functions.
> They must then set MONO_PATH to lib/, and make sure bin/ is in their
> path. They should then be all set.
> It may be easier, however, for your users to ask a system administrator
> to install the latest RPM. If they use Red Carpet, this would be as
> simple as:
> rug in mono
> Otherwise, they can download the latest release and install the RPM.
> If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. I am glad to
> hear you are looking into deploying Mono.
> -- Ben
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