[Mono-list] Better error-messages for user?

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 13:23:18 +0000

Hi all!

Is it possible, to create better error messages for user as default?

For example:
If there don't exist a needed library for an compiled C/C++ program, the 
error-message looks like

/home/96/0/7/9607794/scilab-2.7/tcl/browsehelpexe: error while loading 
shared libraries: libXaw3d.so.7: cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory

If in Java there don't exists a needed class file, the error-message looks 

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: at/dms/kjc/Main
        at at.dms.kopi.Main.main(Main.java:46)

The problem is, that not all users know, how to handle this errors.
For example: There existing a lot of games, which need the libsdl (Simple 
DirectMedia Player).

If you have now installed a C/C++ program, which need this lib and it is not 
on your computer, there comes an error message like the first one, that 
libsdl.so don't exists.
And I think, if there existing a .net-binding, the mono-error-message looks 
very similar.

But, is it not possible to create a better error message?

My idea for this:
In the .net-libsdl-binding there existing a module where stand, which 
version this binding is, where you can download a newer version, etc.

If you now compile your C#-program against this library, it includes in the 
assembly parts of the libsdl-library, so that the following is possible, if 
the C# program starts:

if(libsdl-library exists)
  // start this program normally
else if (gtk#-library existis)
  // open a window where stand, that the library libsdl and the bindings
  // don't exist.
  // You can now close the window or can click on a part of it, to see
  // more infos about it.
  // if you click on the part of it, the window goes bigger an there stand
  // where you can download the libsdl-library (which is one of the parts,
  // which was then compiled in the program by the programmer, if he
  // compiled against this needed library, so that he don't need to
  // write all the download-links of the foreign library in its own 
  // against which version the program was compiled, so that it is for you
  // guaranted with which version it runs, and a little description
  // how to install it: "rpm -ivh libsdl.rpm"
else if
  // Notice with System.Console.WriteLine as output, that gtk# is not
  // installed, where you can download and install gtk# and that 
  // libsdl is not installed... etc.

I am not a programmer, so is it possible to create something like this?


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