[Mono-list] Forthcoming Mono Book

PFJ paulf.johnson@ukonline.co.uk
29 Apr 2003 13:35:15 +0100


> I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but it appears that Apress is
> putting out a book on mono entitled "Developing on Linux with C# and
> .NET: The Mono Project" by Daniel Solin.  I have not read any of his
> books...but I hope that this one is worth purchasing.

I've read a few of Dan's books and they're usually of a high standard -
hopefully, this will also follow suite.

I must say that having reviewed 3 C# books now for ACCU
(http://www.accu.org - one published, 2 submitted) the current crop fall
into 2 distinct areas

1. C++ books with a nod towards C# (or Java with the same nod)
2. C# books who the author is not sure who he's writing it for

We've all seen (1) when C++ came out and authors would update their C
books so they could sell them under the title C++ - these where
generally dire.

(2) are prevelent in books aimed at beginners. Too many (IMO) jump from
console "hello world" style programs to OOP without actually saying
anything about the theory of OOP!

Don't get me wrong, there are some crackers out there, but they are few
and far between and to some extent or other won't work with mono, so for
those w/o VC#.NET, they are of limited use. Hopefully, this will not be
the only mono aimed book that comes out.



P.S. I've email Apress asking for a release date and to see if they'll
be sending out a review copy to ACCU.

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