[Mono-list] NAnt 0.8.2 released

Matthew Mastracci matt@aclaro.com
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:15:26 -0600

This is the final release of 0.8.2.  Please report any issues to 

Thanks to all the developers that worked hard to make this release 
happen and all the users that make the development worth it!

* Note that this release has support for both the Microsoft.NET 
framework v1.1 and Mono.  See NAnt.exe.config for details on how to 
change the currently supported framework version.

Download it here: 

NAnt homepage: http://nant.sourceforge.net/
NAnt Wiki: http://nant.sourceforge.net/wiki/


Changes since 0.8.1:

# <if> task changes to support the uptodate test
# Changes for task item element initialization
# Read output of <exec>'d (and other external program) processes and 
insert into logfile
# Fixed logging for regex task
# Made NAnt errors less chatty
# NAnt now works without Framework SDK installed
# Fixed bugs in Copy/Move task which caused exceptions when using todir and
a fileset, in certain cases.
# New <unzip> task.new <loadtasks> task which replaces the functionality 
of taskdef (from
# <foreach> supports <in><items> fileset to work on files.
# Fix for NUnit2 task using fileset.
# Fix for fileset's <includeList> element.
# Logging cleanups: moved to log4net.
# FxCop cleanups for correctness.
# Support for multiple versions of .NET framework.
# Changes to make NAnt more mono-friendly.
# Updated SharpZipLib library.
# Makes error reporting more accurate - gives line numbers for property 
expansion errors
# Multiple test assembly support for NUnit2 task.
# General speed-up for directory/file scanning.
# Resgen file generation correctness fixes.
# Added support multiple delimiters and string trimming to LoopTask's 
file line mode.
# More support for CSC/VBC command-line options.