[Mono-list] CVS problem

Paul paulf.johnson@ukonline.co.uk
18 Apr 2003 09:24:30 +0100

> > Following the readme file, I compiled mono. However, it looks like most
> > of the dlls required (which should be in mcs) aren't there. Further
> > digging found this to be the case.
> Maybe it's good idea that you were more explicit with you explanation.
> The classes must be in mcs/class/lib ... and, I if am not so wrong, the
> steps must be: download the stable release, compile the mcs/ module,
> build the mono/ module, and copy the .dll to your prefix.

Okay. The instructions on the go-mono.com website say how to download
the sources via anon cvs which I did. I then read the README file which
says how to compile mono, which I did. Mono compiled fine. When I did a
make install, mono and associated bits were copied to /usr/local/
(prefix), but it failed when the makefile tried to copy the dlls from
mcs/class/lib as initially this directory is empty.

Thinking this was an error in the readme file, I then go to the mcs
directory and try to make that. This fails as corelib.dll was not in

I then read gonzalo's readme file in the mono directory which says that
I have to download a tarball which contains all of the dlls and mcs
which I do then copy the contents of that to /usr/local and then compile
mcs which inturn generates the dll files which go in class/lib so that
mono can then compile and install happily!

I do have 0.23 installed from RPM (and the devel package as well) as
distributed by Ximian via RedCarpet.

> > I have 2 questions about this process.
> > 
> > 1. Shouldn't the sources for the dlls be part of the cvs download
> Yeah ... the sources are in the mcs/ module, not in the mono/ module (
> if I understood you ... )

Surely they should be moved then (or the makefile altered) so that these
are compiled and then the bootstrap tarball won't be needed?



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