[Mono-list] CVS problem

Carlos Alberto Cortez is118149@mail.udlap.mx
17 Apr 2003 20:31:09 -0500


I'm not very experienced with downloading mono from the cvs, but there's
some points that can help you:

El jue, 17 de 04 de 2003 a las 17:49, Paul escribi=F3:
> Hi,
> I downloaded from CVS last night the source to mcs, mono and gtk# (as
> per the instructions on the website).
> Following the readme file, I compiled mono. However, it looks like most
> of the dlls required (which should be in mcs) aren't there. Further
> digging found this to be the case.

Maybe it's good idea that you were more explicit with you explanation.
The classes must be in mcs/class/lib ... and, I if am not so wrong, the
steps must be: download the stable release, compile the mcs/ module,
build the mono/ module, and copy the .dll to your prefix.

> I've downloaded the tar ball which the other readme file says, copied
> this to /usr/local and then compiled mcs (as per the instructions).
> I have 2 questions about this process.
> 1. Shouldn't the sources for the dlls be part of the cvs download

Yeah ... the sources are in the mcs/ module, not in the mono/ module (
if I understood you ... )

> 2. Why are the files in the tar ball all terminated with the .exe
> extension?

You mean the mono release, right? well, they have the .exe extension
because they are in intermediate language ( they were compiled with the
mcs compiler ) and so, you don't have to recompile it again ( you only
build the mono tools ).

If hope to be ok ... :)


> Paul
> P.S. Mono is marvellous - keep up the good work :-)
Carlos Alberto Cortez <is118149@mail.udlap.mx>