[Mono-list] System.Messaging classes

Luis Fernandez luifer@onetel.net.uk
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 19:12:39 +0100


I believe there is a number of mono developers interested in the enterprise
features of .NET.

>From what I know, Joshua Prismon, Lluis Sanchez and others are working on
this, but first the central pieces of what could be a mono enterprise
application server need to be there... things like .NET remoting comes to
mind, which is something been very actively been developed.

Maybe all this people should get toghether somehow to coordinate this effort
more effectively, and also probably make their objectives a bit more visible
to other possible contributors.


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> >From: leroy.dissinger@kodak.com
> >I've read the FAQ page and didn't see much on the System.Messaging
> >classes, namely MSMQ and Transactions for MSMQ, etc.   What is the target
> >time for implementation of these classes.
> I'm working on these technologies, but any volunteers would speed it up a
> lot.
> There's no scheduled date so far, as it is somewhat orbiting mono like
> saturn around the sun: It's huge, but for cosmicly-near-sighted
> it's too afar to have dayly relevance.
> >I realize that MSMQ isn't really a core .NET service, it's a COM+
> >component.   A MSMQ lookalike could be written for Linux, but don't know
> >this is planned.
> The MSMQ-lookalike is my other project: MonoQLE (at sourceforge).
> A dearth of volunteers also happen there, as too many people think
> corporations are happy to pay tens of thousands for licenses for MQ
> (think three-letters). To be fair MSMQ comes 'free' with Windows Server,
> you become a prisoner of their software-locking scheme.
> Also, if you go Java, JBoss has an embedded JMS offering. That makes MQ
> services have a good open-source implementation. But again Mono exists for
> those that want an alternative to Java.
> Just an EA's activist digression:
> I think that Mono is targetting mainly the Desktop Application developers
> and the Web Application developers. No criticism here, just expressing
> reality as I see it.
> The Enterprise Application architect/developer, that have to factor
> scalability issues, among others, into their architecture, obviously
> on Desktop/Web technologies but also need a lot of other things, like
> Transactions/Messaging, to make applications scale to thousands of
> concurrent users in a manageable and cost-effective way.
> I'm trying to work on filling this gap in Mono. It's just that I'm feeling
> bit lonely here. Are there any other EA archs/devs around here?
> End of digression...
> Best regards,
> Rafael Teixeira
> Brazilian Polymath
> Mono, MonoQLE Hacker
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