[Mono-list] Got Talk?

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 14:48:23 +0000

Hi Mark!

>Is there a mono developer's discussion forum?

No, but a Mailinglist for Developer.

>I understand you have a mail list I could subscribe to, but my mail box is
>pretty active without asking for more (no offense).

In this case subscribe first under the developer-list at

After that, you can visit your personal mail-settings for this gerneral 
mono-list under
After that, there rise a side, in the following form:

In your case, your personal mail-settings-side for the mono-devel-list is 

Don't unsubscribe then there!
Change under "Your Mono-devel-list Subscription Options" the "Disable mail 
delivery" to "On". Then you don't become direct mail from the mailinglist, 
but you can send mails to the list, because you are subscribed.

To read the posts of the subscribers, you can read it in the 
mailinglist-archive at
which is always up to date.


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