[Mono-list] Snapshots not found

Piyush, Garyali (IE10) Piyush.Garyali@honeywell.com
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 11:24:45 +0530


Either the following nightly snapshots don't exist or there is some
problem somewhere as I could not access any of these : 

> mono-snapshot-05-Apr-03.tar.gz
> mono-snapshot-04-Apr-03.tar.gz
> mono-snapshot-03-Apr-03.tar.gz
> mono-snapshot-02-Apr-03.tar.gz

Do these snapshots contain the entire CVS Structure or just the changes
from the earlier one, as the "mono-snapshot-06-Apr-03.tar.gz" contains
just the "arch" and "benchmark" folders from the mono code-base.

Which snapshot has the new compilation engine (mini) ??