[Mono-list] ADO.NET for Oracle on mono?

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:40:44 -0500

Hi Arnold,

You can download a current tarball of libgda from http://www.gnome-db.org/
and untar this to your hard drive.  Take a look in the providers/oracle
subdirectory, there you will find the implementation for the Oracle provider
for GDA.   This will help you see how OCI is being used.
In the configure.in script for libgda, you will see how libgda checks for
the Oracle client libraries.

Also, go to http://www.oracle.com/ and do a Search for OCI, and you will
find lots of information there.

You can start on the Oracle provider in Mono if you wish.  No one has
started on this.  It would be in its own assembly System.Data.OracleClient
and namespace System.Data.OracleClient just like Microsoft .NET has.

For verison 1.0 of Microsoft .NET Framework, System.Data.OracleClient is a
separate download, but version 1.1 beta includes it.  In both versions,
System.Data.OracleClient exists in its own assembly.

Interop marshalling works real good in Mono right now.  Platform Invoke
works real good in Mono too.

However, there is no support for COM interop.  This does not matter since
COM does not exist on Linux anyways.  Work has started for CORBA interop


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I know some OCI and have worked with some OCI driver for oracle (not an
expert by any means).

A lot of interop marshalling will be necessary with an Oracle driver if you
do it with OCI (is there any other way? I don't know). The C# layer would be
more standard and we might be able to borrow some logic from Coleman. The C
OCI call will need someone with Oracle OCI experience.


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> Hi
> Arnold

> There
> are plans for creating an Oracle .NET provider in Mono for Oracle 8i and
> Oracle
> 9i databases. However, nobody is working on an Oracle provider right
> now. Currently, you can connect to Oracle using Mono via the
> System.Data.Odbc or System.Data.OleDb providers. If you are willing
> to
> work on this, you are welcome to do so.

> Just
> let me know. It probably will be in assembly
> System.Data.OracleClient and
> namespace System.Data.OracleClient just like the Oracle .NET provider is
> in .NET
> Framework 1.1 beta.

> Tim
> Coleman created an Oracle provider for GDA which is used for the
> implementation
> for Mono's System.Data.OleDb on Linux. He plans on creating an
> Oracle
> provider after he has got System.Data.SqlClient and other TDS providers
> like
> Mono.Data.SybaseClient and Mono.Data.TdsClient providers
> working.

> I do
> not think a 100% pure C# .net provider for Oracle can be provided due to
> the
> fact that the Oracle client software is proprietary. Both the Oracle .NET
> providers create by Microsoft and Oracle use the Oracle client
> software.
> Microsoft's Oracle .net provider can connect to Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i
> databases while Oracle's Oracle.net provider can only connect to Oracle 9i
> databases. Oracle's Oracle .net provider includes the Oracle
> client
> software while Microsoft's Oracle .net provider does not.

> Do you
> know OCI (Oracle Call-level Interface) which is the C API used to access
> Oracle
> databases?

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> for Oracle on mono?

Hi all,

> wondering if there is any plan (not just from mono) for a native driver
> for
> Oracle?

Is there any demand for such a driver at all? Will such a
> driver be helpful to the community?