[Mono-list] glib2, configure and Mac OS X

B&L brianlouise@mail.dk
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 20:38:54 +0100

I concur, which is why I wrote that email. This way somebody else could 
possible get a bit further without having to use time on something that 
have already been done.

I did find someone mentioning that he had something up and running in the 
list archives and tried to contact him - but no response. So maybe some 
activity on the list regarding OSX could bring them forward.

But any progress that I do make will be posted to the list immediatly.


At 11:08 30-10-2002 -0800, Steve Mentzer wrote:

>I have been fighting many of the same battles.
>I know of at least two developers attempting to get mono up on darwin. All 
>have been met with challenges. What is frustrating is the lack of public 
>I am **so** ready to start working on the darwin port, but I am unsure 
>where to start. Given the fact that my available time is limited (as with 
>everyone here), I don't want to waste time repeating the same learning 
>curve that someone else struggled with.
>I really do think that there needs to be a clean, unambiguous and 
>*current* FAQ for getting mono up and running on darwin & os/x. That way, 
>folks that wish to contribute will be able to minimize pain!
>I would gladly volunteer to piece together the relevant information. But 
>where is it?