[Mono-list] DirectX 9 <--> OpenGL

Douglas and Elena Husemann husemann@cox-internet.com
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 10:08:14 -0600


There is a Implementation of OpenGL with c# bindings already for
the .Net Framework, I would have to search for it again to find it but
it already exists to some extents.  

Now on the mono side, Not sure how the DX9 api for the areas that 
OpenGL don't cover, (sound, networking etc etc)  will be implemented.
perhaps in the realm of the Winforms project??

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> Hi!
> Having no experience with 3D APIs and related things, I would like to know,
> if it is possible to somehow wrap the DirectX 9 API to OpenGL?
> MS will include DirectX 9 C#-bindings in the 2.0 Framework, and mono will
> have OpenGL-bindings. DirectX is not only used for games, but also for sound
> output, or advanced graphic applications, with 3D effects.
> Johannes
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