[Mono-list] implementation of System.Xml.XmlElement.InnerXml

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
21 Oct 2002 00:21:10 -0400

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 03:30, Duncan Mak wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 03:11, ginga(A.E.) wrote:
> > 
> > I wrote System.Xml.XmlElement.InnerXml() code and some tests.
> > 
> Thanks a lot! I'll merge this into CVS tomorrow.

I just applied your patched to my tree and tested the patches, they
build just fine. The code has just been committed to CVS!

A few general things about submitting patches to mono-list:

	* It would be really nice if you could also send a ChangeLog 	  entry.

	* Make sure the coding style is consistent (it looks okay now).

Atsushi, I cannot thank you enough. This is the fastest turnaround time
I've ever seen (from initial e-mail to mailing list to the patch
submission), this is really awesome.

Arigato gozaimashita,

Duncan Mak <duncan@ximian.com>