[Mono-list] Help needed with XSLT transformations (documentation browser)

Scott Bronson bronson@rinspin.com
20 Oct 2002 12:23:09 -0700

On Sun, 2002-10-20 at 04:28, Scott Bronson wrote:
> Weirdness: what is with System.Delegate.xml, line 34?  "%20null"????  I
> had to special-case this in generate.pl.

Another question: Why are a bunch of classes (at first guess, maybe a
hundred?) missing from mscorlib.xml?  Here's an example:


Because ArrayTypeMismatchException links to System.Int32, and the
en/System/Int32.xml file exists, generate.pl generates the Int32 page. 
The link works just fine.

However, because System.Int32 is not listed in mscorlib.xml, Int32 is
not included on System's namespace page:


Is there any reason these classes were omitted from the index?