[Mono-list] patents on ISO/ECMA C#

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Le October 18, 2002 02:41 pm, Stephen Compall a écrit:   /   On October 18, 
2002 02:41 pm, Stephen Compall wrote:
> Matt Liotta wrote:
> > The bad part is "is precisely so that others will be able to
> >
> >>create their own commercial CLI implementations.".  The word commercial
> >> here
> >
> > is probably meaning non-GPL type of license even if you were going to
> > release a GPL Commercial version they would probably refuse to let you
> > have the rights to their patents...  Why not send a request to Microsoft
> > for that royalty free patent ;-)
> Well, the real problem IMHO is not getting the license from Microsoft,
> but others getting the license from you:
> --quote--
> Sub-licensing prohibition:  "This means someone else can't come along
> and license the patent or transfer the license we issued to them to
> someone else," Herman said.
> --endquote--
> The original article
> <http://techupdate.zdnet.com/techupdate/stories/main/0,14179,2887217,00.htm
>l> (for those who've lost it :) hits the issue correctly: it's outrageous
> (to mix prefixes). Almost like they *want* the communities to switch to
> non-copyleft licensing....

Actually, this really looks like a open pgp/gpg stuff, develop it inside a 
no-laws country then release without licenses issues ;-)  Just make sure not 
getting caught using it which would be hard to prove as the CLI is not 

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