[Mono-list] patents on ISO/ECMA C#

Stephen Compall rushing@sigecom.net
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 13:41:05 -0500

Matt Liotta wrote:
> The bad part is "is precisely so that others will be able to
>>create their own commercial CLI implementations.".  The word commercial here 
> is probably meaning non-GPL type of license even if you were going to release 
> a GPL Commercial version they would probably refuse to let you have the 
> rights to their patents...  Why not send a request to Microsoft for that 
> royalty free patent ;-)

Well, the real problem IMHO is not getting the license from Microsoft, 
but others getting the license from you:

Sub-licensing prohibition:  "This means someone else can't come along 
and license the patent or transfer the license we issued to them to 
someone else," Herman said.

The original article 
(for those who've lost it :) hits the issue correctly: it's outrageous 
(to mix prefixes). Almost like they *want* the communities to switch to 
non-copyleft licensing....

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