[Mono-list] Re: [DotGNU]Qt.dll verification errors

Gopal V gopalv82@symonds.net
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 21:05:27 +0530

If memory serves me right, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> It may just be because I'm not a native speaker, but when there is a
> header + data and someone talks about the "length of the actual data"
> it quite clearly means the length refers to the length of data, not
> data+header. In the table it contradict itself and says that the
> DataSize needs the +4 (the header size).

I'm not a native speaker either ,but the interpretation is quite
equivocal. ... "length of actual data" might be considered as the 
size of "data as in file" which includes the +4 as well or otherwise.

> The fact the peverify doesn't complain probably means that the behaviour
> is fine (as long as it's done in the last section).

Hmm.... last section ? ... Isn't the +4 generated for each section ?

> Anyway, I'll change reflection to output the header size as currently
> produced by csc since it actually doesn't change anything for mono.

Shh.. be very very quiet, I'm hunting wabbits..