[Mono-list] Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server database support in Mono ADO.NET

Akhilesh akhilesh_agarwal@msn.com
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 17:05:24 +0530

>>     Are you talking about Jump?

I have this option in my VS.NET file menu. The wizard does not mention
it as Jump. 

>>    Who cares? I don't wanna pay for that.

I have it and I am willing to run it for Mono.

>> * It will be more or less equivalent to deassembling the java code. 
>> Does the license provide for that?

The converter does not require Java byte code files nor does it do any
disassembling. It simply reads the source code and converts it into C#.

>> * If the code is available, what license does it belong to? If it's
>> something like X11 / MIT License, ooh.. let's directly port it. No
>> to worry about Jump.

Porting it manually or with the help of an automated tool is a matter of
choice. Again the converter is not Jump. Licensing issues will be there
if you port it manually as well.

Akhilesh Agarwal