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Wed, 16 Oct 2002 10:45:10 -0400

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Le October 16, 2002 09:04 am, Freddy BL a écrit:   /   On October 16, 2002 
09:04 am, Freddy BL wrote:
> >I really liked what I read on this language from a syntax/semantic
> >point of view.  Is there plan support to have this language generate
> >binary instead of CLI code?
> I don't know if there existing at the moment plans for this, but the
> eminent feature of C#/.net is the .net-platform itself. If you create
> native-code, the code is neither platform-independent nor creates its a
> bridge for different languages. So the nicest featues of C#/.net are lost.
> Btw: I think, that there was in any place here in the internet a side by
> IBM, where IBM compares different Java-platforms/compilers/etc. And
> Java-Bianary-Code programs runs on the IBM-JVM - according to IBM - faster
> then the same programs compiled with gcj in native-code.

It depends what you mean by nicest feature of C#/CLI... I'm not interested for 
my software to run on many platform without re-compilation.  But I am 
interested in the

- - includeless feature of C#
- - EventHandler
- - implicit conversion of int to object
- - all type has a base object class
- - better keyword such as internal, readonly.
- - notion of safe/unsafe code for section using pointer
- - {0}, {1} when printing instead of %s ... (which probably resume in better 
class library)
- - Garbage Collector
- - By default exception support
- - Jagged arrays

And others I forgot.  

Those interest me as they seems to make the code more comprehensive and remove 
annoyances.  If the whole CLI stuff is needed for all those features to work 
then you're kind of right that it won't matter between a pre-compiled and a 
version compiled by the jit and cached.

I have not gone through the CLI ECMA doc yet so I wasn't able to know by 

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