[Mono-list] Re: C# -> Binary

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 13:04:52 +0000

>I really liked what I read on this language from a syntax/semantic
>point of view.  Is there plan support to have this language generate
>binary instead of CLI code?

I don't know if there existing at the moment plans for this, but the eminent 
feature of C#/.net is the .net-platform itself. If you create native-code, 
the code is neither platform-independent nor creates its a bridge for 
different languages. So the nicest featues of C#/.net are lost.

Btw: I think, that there was in any place here in the internet a side by 
IBM, where IBM compares different Java-platforms/compilers/etc. And 
Java-Bianary-Code programs runs on the IBM-JVM - according to IBM - faster 
then the same programs compiled with gcj in native-code.


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