[Mono-list] Bug in HttpWebRequest.cs and System.Timers namespace

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
14 Oct 2002 16:50:06 -0400


> 1. I think there is a bug in HttpWebRequest. Line 572 should be
> "webRequest.actualUri.PathAndQuery" instead actual
> "webRequest.actualUri.AbsolutePath".  Without this change is imposible to do
> HTTP GET request sending key=value pairs (like a HTML form).

Could you mail us a patch?

> 2. I'm interested in implement the System.Timers namespace. Are there any
> problem? What is the procedure? I implement it and send you?

You mean System.Threading.Timer?  That would be nice, but you might want
to discuss your implementation strategy on the mailing list.  I saw that
Dick was the last person touching that code, and it would be nice to
hear what he thinks about this.

There are a number of questions to ponder:

	* Are timer functions invoked on the same thread or a separate	
	  thread?  This will tell you whether you have to implement
	  the timers using just a separate thread and sleeping, or not.

	* Are timers supposed to be invoked during a main loop
	  invocation, or will be triggered even if you are busy?

	  This will tell you whether you have to use SIGITIMER, or if
	  you can get away with running some main loop.