[Mono-list] Jit error..

Carlos Cesario ccesario@isic.com.br
Wed, 09 Oct 2002 08:45:25 -0300

 I am with small problem...  
 After to update mono/mcs/xsp (cvs, date 09/october ), I do not obtain 
more to make server XSP ro run.....
All time that access a page appears the following message:
[root@tec14ccesario rundir]# mono server.exe 8000
Remember that you should rerun the server if you change
the aspx file!
Server started.
Accepted connection.
Started processing...
mono xsp.exe index.aspx
Output goes to output/xsp_index.cs
Script file is output/xsp_index.aspx.sh
mcs --target library -L . -r corlib -r System -r System.Data -r 
System.Web -r System.Drawing -o output/771656349index.dll 
Output goes to output/output_from_compilation_xsp_index.txt
Script file is output/last_compilation_xsp_index.bat

** ERROR **: file jit.c: line 541 (mono_cfg_add_successor): assertion 
failed: (cfg->bcinfo [target].is_block_start)
Somebody can help me with this?


Carlos Cesario