[Mono-list] Solaris - Mono build errors

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Fri, 31 May 2002 16:59:45 +0200

On 05/30/02 Laramie Leavitt wrote:
> There are tons of warnings and errors building mono on solaris using sunpro 
> cc.  Here are a few.

Thanks for the report.

> 1.  C++ comments (//) in domain.c, loader.c, class.c, object.c, decimal.c, 
> unicode.c, appdomain.c, debug-symfile.c arch/sparc/tramp.c, interp.c

These should all be fixed in cvs now.

> 2.  Zero length arrays.  (class.h, mono-bitset.c  others.) (grep "\[0\]" )

I left the wapi-private.h one to Dick, since it seems the struct size is
part of the protocol...



> 4.  For some reason there is a #define sun 1 somewhere, which kills variables 
> named sun.  (i.e. struct sockaddr_un sun;)


> 5.  Lots of incompatible prototype warnings. 
> (In nearly every file.  i.e. int/unsigned int, and some structure mismatches.)

Can you post the list? Maybe off-list if it's big (though I don't get
such warnings here...).

> 6.  reflection.c -- StreamDesc has problems initializing.


> 7.  DECINLINE in decimal.c  SunPro cc does not like it.

Does the compiler have a keyword for inlining functions?

> 8.  Various case statements do not terminate with a statement. (socket-io.c, 
> others)

socket-io.c fixed, can you post the list of the other ones?

> 9. SIGTRAP undefined.  (debug-symfile.c)


> 10.  #warning causes an error in several files (undefined preprocessor 
> directive).

The checks should be probably moved to configure.

> 11.  sysmath.c : division by 0.

Should be fixed, but you should check if solaris' math.h defines NAN and

> 12. arch/sparc/tramp.c, interp.c - void function returns a value
> I stopped when it died in interp.c, around line 1912, in what appears to be a 
> nasty macro.

That should be fixed as well.
Thanks for the report, more detailed info is welcome, too.


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