[Mono-list] RE: Compiliation on Linux box problem...

Francisco Jr. fxjrlists@yahoo.com.br
Tue, 28 May 2002 11:08:43 -0300 (ART)

Hi Daniel,

 --- Daniel Morgan <danmorg@sc.rr.com> escreveu: 
> Hi Francisco,
> I thought others maybe interested with your
> progress.  
> Here is a link to the Mono Mailing Lists.  It will
> allow you to read the
> archives and it will allow to subscribe/unsubscribe
> to the various
> mailing lists.
> http://www.go-mono.com/mailing-lists.html

Thanks. I subscribed to the mono list. This message is
being sent to mono list too.

> If you think there is a bug with mono/mcs, go to
> http://bugzilla.ximian.com/ and enter a new bug.
> I'm only guessing about your compile errors: Line 97
> sounds like the
> Item indexer (this[]) maybe missing some brackets,
> and Line 101 sounds
> like you are trying to set a constant.

Yeah, I think it is a little strange because I could
compile it with csc. Well, today I could compile it
changing the lines

    return base[IndexOf(parameterName)];
    return base.get_Item(IndexOf(parameterName));


    base[IndexOf(parameterName)] = value;
    base.set_Item(IndexOf(parameterName), value);

in the file NpgsqlParameterCollection.cs

This modification works with mcs, but fail with csc
with the error:

NpgsqlParameterCollection.cs(97,12): error CS0571:
'System.Collections.ArrayList.this[int].get': cannot
explicitly call operator or accessor

So, I think that the parser is "missing" the
parenthesis when transforming  this[] accessor to get,
set methods when compiling the code.

And I think that the compiler shouldn't let me access
the operator directly, or it is a feature of mcs?? :)

Thanks Daniel.

Francisco Jr.

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