[Mono-list] CollectionBaseTest patch

cesar@kentia.matem.unam.mx cesar@kentia.matem.unam.mx
Sun, 26 May 2002 23:04:00 -0500


> Thanks for the patch.  However, I'd like to point out a few things...
thanks for the comments nick.

> you a nice message saying "Expected <x> but got <a>".  If you reverse them,
> then  it can be confusing.
still learning c#. 

> 2) There's not much point using AssertEquals() over Assert() for Boolean
> values, although it's not exactly "wrong". If you do use AssertEquals(),
> please keep in mind #1 above.

ok, in what cases it's prefered the use of AssertEquals above Assert?.
I'looking  through the Test files and I found that in most of them, people have been using
Assert (), and as the HOWTO mention, it's recommended the use of AssertEquals. That's why I decided to change 
them. Do you think it's worth to check the test files and change them? 

> Those are general comments.  I also have a specific one:

> | -		Assert(4 == myCollection.Count);
> | +		AssertEquals ("A01", 4, mycollection);

> Did you forget the Count property here?
yes, sorry; I forgot the Count property.
I was kinf of nervous, it's my first little patch.