[Mono-list] [OT] Windows and Linux, development practices.

Garrett Serack gserack@experientia.org
Wed, 22 May 2002 09:58:04 -0600

  I've got a couple of [offtopic] questions about the way development 
being done by the group here. I think that this group of people are some 
of the most level-headed when it comes to working in multiple environments.

I really want to run Linux as my desktop of choice. Unfortunantly I'm a 
software development consultant, and I'm somewhat forced at the moment 
to run such tools as VB6, MS C++6, and Visual Studio.NET, amongst other 
windows software (office, etc...) for my client.

Now, I have had limited success running some stuff under WINE, but I 
haven't taken the time to get *all* of my tools running.

I've got a Dell Inspiron 8000 Laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility video 
chipset in it, that lets me run dual-head under windows with an external 
monitor as the second screen. Damn invaluable.

So, given that a large number/most of the tools for .NET are availible 
under Windows, I figure the people here would be best suited to 
answering these questions:

1. How *are* you developing Mono, with Windows? Linux? Two Computers? 

2. Those working under Linux, what kind of effort does it take to run 
some of this stuff under linux (specifically the Windows Dev tools? Is 
VMWare tough enough to get the job done? For *everyday* work?

3. Dual Booting? Is that worth my time?

4. How about that dual-headed support for the ATI Rage Mobility? Has 
anyone done that?

5. What is the likelyhood I'll *ever* be able to get MS's VS.NET to run 
under Linux?  ( as far as I'm aware it is largely native code with a 
dollop of Managed code inside.)