[Mono-list] testcase for System.Convert complete...

Krister Hansson ds99krha@thn.htu.se
Fri, 17 May 2002 09:43:46 +0200

> I would suggest adding the Max and Min values as tests as well.  There are
> no tests in here using negative numbers at all, so the Min value for some of
> those types might prove to be interesting.

of course there should be tests for max and min will add them this weekend

> Also, the comma/decimal issue is probably culture related.  You can try to
> include this code in your SetUp and TearDown (which I grabbed from
> Int16Test.cs):

As you said it was a culture specific thing. I find it strange though that you should format strings with commas with some cultures and with a dot i other

> I think support for various cultures is somewhat lacking still at this
> point.

> Thanks again,
> Nick D.