[Mono-list] Thinking in C#

Larry O'Brien larryo@thinkingin.net
Fri, 10 May 2002 08:14:23 -0700

> From: serdar@skilic.com [mailto:serdar@skilic.com] 
>  I had a vague thought that part of the book was/is available 
> for  download.. 

A preliminary release is available at

This "0.0.1" release is still very rough in the introductory chapters
and is missing chapters on reflection/attributes, GDI+, XML, and Web
Services. The book is being published by Prentice Hall but will always
be available for free download. In return, I hope people will be
generous enough to give feedback on technical errors and areas where
they feel things are a little unclear. The download makes it easy to
give feedback -- every pararagraph has a clickable link at the end which
submits to a Web-based system. 

For UNIX readers of this list, it may be important to note that at the
moment the book is only available in Word format.