[Mono-list] WriteLine broken?

Stefan Matthias Aust sma@3plus4.de
Fri, 10 May 2002 15:59:12 +0200

From: "Chris J. Breisch" <cjbreisch@altavista.net>

> HelloWorld.cs works fine for me.  Is there something in specific that
> you're trying that's not working?

A simple

 class X{
  public static void Main() {

Throws this error on my system:

(process:1224): ** WARNING **: unhandled exception
: "A null value was found where an object instance was required"
in (unmanaged) System.Text.Encoding:IConvNewDecoder ()
in 018 System.Text.IConvDecoder:.ctor ()
in 09b System.Text.Encoding:.ctor ()
in 019 System.Text.UTF8Encoding:.ctor ()
in 03a System.Text.Encoding:get_UTF8 ()
in 00c System.IO.StreamWriter:.ctor ()
in 068 System.Console:.cctor ()

Looks like I have a iconv-problem which is left over from my efforts to
recompile glib myself :-(