[Mono-list] Ncvs can't connect to mono cvs repository

Stefan Matthias Aust sma@3plus4.de
Mon, 6 May 2002 00:39:20 +0200


Perhaps you already know this...

I just tried to use Ncvs (a graphical cvs client from the SharpDevelop 0.88
distribution) to access the mono cvs server.  It doesn't work.  I can access
the pnet server and check out stuff, but when it tries to access the
predefined mono cvs server "reypastor.hispalinux.es", it throws strange

Using Eclipse to access the cvs-server works however -- now I just need
better C# support for Eclipse :-)   Eclipse however has trouble with the
cr/lf encoding.

Does anybody know a tool which allows one to browse through source code,
following senders/implementors (aka references/declarations), so that - for
example - I could find all callers of all HttpRequest constructors?  I think
I got used to the comfort of Eclipse (a Java IDE)...

...and looking at the source code, I wonder whether C# also support
comments... :-)

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