[Mono-list] X11

t3rmin4t0r funwithpnet@yahoo.com
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 21:25:26 +0530

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 02:43:46PM +0100, Bernhard Spuida wrote:
> And I always thought that the people at the DotGNU project, which I 
> highly estimate, by the way, were ethically firm in their ways, not just 
> good coders.

    I'm ethically on firm ground, which helps me speak my mind .

But I'm not what you'd like to call a good coder . ( And I'm a bit too 
honest for my own good ;)

> <rant> I always thought that adopting the GNU way had 
> consequences for the personal ethics as well, such as integrity and 
> consideration for fellow coder trying to do their job. Hmm, might to 
> have to reconsider that. Looking at the last few days of your posts, I 
> feel somewhat slashdottish. Trolling, off topic, flame bait... Just pop 
> over there will you?</rant>

    Yeah I know what "slashdottish" means. 
    But I have my integrity and I have made sure I don't criticize any 
person without sufficent reason.

    Also in case you mistook this thread, this discussion was not about
"Mono vs DotGNU" -- this was about the X11 license in general and the
risk it carries for the freedom of software.
Speaking about flame bait , all I posted were facts AFAIK . About offtopic,
the thread has held its topic of the X11 license and issues -- and I don't 
think I'm a troll ( no links to goatse.cx yet..... ;).

I don't consider Ximian as a "fellow coder". I consider it as Ximian Inc,
and Mono as go-mono.com . I think I have showed my respect for the coder
in all my mails.

    Also you may look down upon my .signature, but that was a precaution.
I had the experience of being on the recieving end from Lupus when I 
misattributed "Andy Satori" as a mono contributer.
    Look through that pile of junk I've sent and tell me when I refused
to respect a good developer . As I usually say "give respect , take respect".
(and that applies for all -- dotgnu or mono).

> *Your posts were the most untechnical of all I've seen on this list. So 

    I thought that the technical discussion was shifted to Mono-hackers
or Mono-private ?. 

    Also for me and many other the ethical issues are as important as
the technical ones are.

> I herewith consider this topic closed and will refrain from answering 
> any correspondence on it.

    Offer accepted. I'll do the same here. 

> c# ya,

    LOL !. but I'm still coding in good old C.

*      not yet another Mono contributor      *