[Mono-list] X11

Bernhard Spuida bernhard@icsharpcode.net
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 14:43:46 +0100

Deary, deary me!

>> 	Do you do anything better with your time than flame perfectly 
>> people on lists ? Do you ever get a single line of good code into
>> Portable.NET ? Perhaps you do - was just curious.

>    hey Man !, what did I flame ?. And what person did I flame. I don't
> think anyone who has read about Exchange Connector will 
> consider my words
> as flames -- It's the truth. 

>   Ximian Inc is a company and they have finances to take care of.> That's
> the way business is done.

> Also thanks for the concern -- I'm not working fulltime on Portable.NET,
> maybe I should finish that JVM support this weekend instead of wasting
> time reading "non techincal" discussions on mono-list.

> /Me goes into *deep hack* mode.....
> -- 
> ******************DISCLAIMER******************
> *      not yet another Mono contributor      *
> **********************************************
And I always thought that the people at the DotGNU project, which I 
highly estimate, by the way, were ethically firm in their ways, not just 
good coders.
<rant> I always thought that adopting the GNU way had 
consequences for the personal ethics as well, such as integrity and 
consideration for fellow coder trying to do their job. Hmm, might to 
have to reconsider that. Looking at the last few days of your posts, I 
feel somewhat slashdottish. Trolling, off topic, flame bait... Just pop 
over there will you?</rant>
*Your posts were the most untechnical of all I've seen on this list. So 
cut it out, be productive and let us be productive, too. Thanks for your 
consideration. I herewith consider this topic closed and will refrain 
from answering any correspondence on it.
c# ya,