[Mono-list] NET using Java VMs and libs

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I don't know the complete scope or status of the software, but you can


for tools to migrate from .Net to Java, an excerpt:

"Precisely what it sounds like, this project involves creating the complete
.NET deployment framework entirely in Java. A major undertaking, the Java
implemented framework offers cross-platform .NET application execution along
with all the benefits and intrinsic support for Java and other server side
There are two major modules at work - the language module, and the runtime
module. The language module takes the .Net application's IL (intermediate
language) code and converts it to the Java source code. The runtime module
replicates the functionality provided by the .NET class libraries. All the
libraries that come with .NET (including classes such as ADO.NET, XML, SOAP)
have been developed using the Java language."......

Angel "Java" Lopez

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> > So if you
> > can get NET to run on to of a Java VM, then you are building on top of a
> > well tested VM. And you are not limited to Sun! IBM and others is making
> > there own VM's.
> Perhaps you really want a different project?. Kaffe perhaps?
> Kunle
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